The only things you’ll need for this work­out are a box and a Swiss ball. Rest for 1 min be­tween sets

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Tar­gets: Up­per body, core

Do: 3 sets of 15 reps

(a) Be­gin in down­ward dog. Make sure your weight is evenly dis­trib­uted be­tween your hands and feet and your knees are slightly bent.

(b) En­gag­ing your core, jump your feet up into the air, aim­ing to get your shoul­ders and hips di­rectly above your hands, then land softly back in down­ward dog.


Tar­gets: Glutes, ham­strings

Do: 3 sets of 8 reps on each side

(a) Start by shift­ing your weight to one foot. Hinge at the hips, lift the other foot off the floor and lean for­wards, keep­ing your back flat and reach­ing op­po­site hand to foot.

(b) Stop when you feel a small pull on the ham­string, then re­turn to stand­ing. Now go again.


Tar­gets: Core

Do: 3 sets of 8 reps

(a) Start in a plank with the tops of your feet rest­ing on a Swiss ball. Your body should be in a straight hor­i­zon­tal line and your hands di­rectly un­der­neath your shoul­ders.

(b) From here, draw your pelvis up­wards so your body cre­ates an up­side-down V shape, then re­turn to plank. Re­peat.


Tar­gets: Ham­strings, glutes

Do: 3 sets of 10 reps

(a) Stand about a foot in front of a box. From here, bend your knees, draw your arms back and jump on to it, swing­ing your arms up for mo­men­tum.

(b) Straighten up to stand­ing, then step back down. Now go again. This gets tough fast. Con­sider your­self warned.

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