Now you know all the moves, tap into these flex­i­ble rou­tines for a rock-solid cir­cuit in sec­onds

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1 3-MINUTE EN­ERGY BOOSTER Just enough to get the blood flow­ing with­out work­ing up a sweat. Per­fect for when you want to kick-start your morn­ing or squeeze in a pick-me-up be­fore a Christ­mas party. MOVES

3 + 4 DO IT

Per­form each move for 20 secs, mov­ing im­me­di­ately from one to the next. Re­peat for three rounds.

2 10-MINUTE TO­TAL BODY TONER When you’re tight on time, use this stripped-down set for a to­tal-body quickie. MOVES

7 + 2 + 4 + 6 DO IT

Per­form move 7 for 30 secs, rest for 10 secs and re­peat three times. Con­tinue the pat­tern with the other ex­er­cises in the se­quence, do­ing both sides where needed.

3 15-MINUTE CALO­RIE TORCHER Blitz fat with this in­tense sesh. MOVES 2 + 4 + 1 + 5 + 3 DO IT

Push your­self to com­plete as many reps as pos­si­ble in 30 secs (per side where di­rected) of each ex­er­cise, mov­ing im­me­di­ately from one to the next with no rest. Rest for 90 secs, then re­peat twice.

4 20-MINUTE MUS­CLE BUILDER Score full-body re­sults with these mus­cle-mak­ing su­per­sets. MOVES

[7 + 8] [2 + 4] [3 + 8] [1 + 5] DO IT

Start­ing with the first pair, do each ex­er­cise for 45 secs (per side, where di­rected) back to back. Rest for 15 secs. That’s one set. Do two in to­tal, then con­tinue to the next pair.

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