cals 370 fat 15g protein 14g carbs 43g serves 2

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The old faith­ful. Oats con­tain both sol­u­ble fi­bre, which reg­u­lates the ab­sorp­tion of nu­tri­ents, and in­sol­u­ble fi­bre, which helps ‘clear out’ your di­ges­tive sys­tem


100g por­ridge oats • 2 large pinches of salt • 500ml milk • 1 tsp but­ter or co­conut oil • 1-2 tsp honey • 15g nuts (op­tional, to add crunch and protein) • banana slices (op­tional)


1. Toast the oats in a hot dry pan for a few mins, then re­move from the heat.

2. Add the oats to a medium saucepan with 300ml wa­ter and the salt, and cook on a medium heat for 5 mins, stir­ring con­stantly. Then add the milk and cook for an­other few mins un­til it reaches your de­sired con­sis­tency.

3. Re­move from the heat, add the but­ter or co­conut oil and stir well. Driz­zle with honey and serve with nuts, banana slices or both.

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