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Waste time do­ing tons of crunches

‘Crunches aren’t worth it,’ says Klika. They just don’t do much to work any part of the core ex­cept the rec­tus ab­do­mi­nis. Plus, if you sit and hunch at your desk all day, the last thing you need is more for­ward-bend­ing move­ments, he adds.

Fret about marathon planks

Hold­ing a four-minute plank might be a cool chal­lenge, but it doesn’t ac­tu­ally trans­late to ev­ery­day life or sports, says Arent. The bet­ter choice? A va­ri­ety of moves that work on stiff­ness, ro­ta­tion and anti-ro­ta­tion (like the ones you’ll find in our plan).

Skip uni­lat­eral moves

One-limbed ex­er­cises are a bril­liant way to in­crease core ac­ti­va­tion. They can be tough, so start with body-weight op­tions like a one-legged glute bridge, step-up or Bul­gar­ian split squat. Us­ing one limb means the core has to work over­time to make sure the body stays stable, says Klika.

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