Know your wood­peck­ers

This fam­ily is spread across the en­tire planet and comes in all shapes and all sizes

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three-toed wood­pecker

Both Eurasian and Amer­i­can three-toed wood­peck­ers ben­e­fit from dis­as­ter. They fol­low for­est fires and floods to seek out in­sects tak­ing refuge from dan­ger, find­ing suc­cess in pick­ing off pan­icked prey.

kaempfer’s wood­pecker

Pos­si­bly the rarest mem­ber of the fam­ily, this bird was first col­lected in 1926 and wasn’t seen again for 80 years. It was cap­tured by ac­ci­dent in 2006 and has been seen sev­eral times in highly lo­calised ar­eas since.

Ground wood­pecker

As this species lives on the for­est floor, one bird keeps a look out for preda­tors while its com­pan­ion feeds. It is re­lieved ten min­utes later so it can have its turn on the ground sweep­ing through leaves look­ing for ants.

red-headed wood­pecker

This North Amer­i­can wood­pecker catches fly­ing in­sects on the wing, but two-thirds of it diet is her­biv­o­rous. They seek out fruit, seeds and grains wher­ever pos­si­ble but will eat other birds’ eggs if there’s noth­ing else.

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