Do not dis­turb

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Watch from afar

It can be tempt­ing to try to get as close as pos­si­ble to the an­i­mals, but re­mem­ber that they are wild. Ap­proach­ing too close may

spook them or even prompt an at­tack.

Leave noth­ing

Make sure that you take all your rub­bish away at the end of the day so that it doesn’t end up in an an­i­mal’s stom­ach or wrapped around

its neck.

Avoid eye contact

Eye contact can be threat­en­ing for some an­i­mals, so try not to stare. If an an­i­mal looks di­rectly at you, watch from the cor­ner of your

eye un­til they turn away again.

Dress well

An­i­mals are sen­si­tive to bright colours and strong smells, so take care when get­ting dressed. Wear neu­tral tones and avoid

scented per­fumes or de­odor­ants.

Be aware

The last thing any­one wants to do is cause wild an­i­mals dis­tress. Watch for signs of dis­com­fort and back away if nec­es­sary. Al­ways be pre­pared to cut your trip short.

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