3. Poi­son

The deadly toxin with no known an­ti­dote

World of Animals - - Poison Dart Frogs -

Poi­son dart frogs have evolved to pro­duce highly poi­sonous skin se­cre­tions be­cause many of their preda­tors, such as snakes and spi­ders, have evolved to de­velop a re­sis­tance to milder tox­ins.

Their young are a brown­ish colour and their poi­son has not de­vel­oped yet – these an­i­mals ac­cu­mu­late their poi­son as they reach adult­hood. In fact, one adult frog con­tains suf­fi­cient poi­son in its skin to kill at least ten adult humans.

The poi­son is ab­sorbed di­rectly through the skin and is eas­ily trans­mit­ted. Its po­tency and the ease with which it is ad­min­is­tered make it even more deadly. It at­tacks the ner­vous sys­tem and quickly leads to heart fail­ure. A sin­gle ge­netic mu­ta­tion in these frogs means they are en­tirely im­mune to their own tox­ins.

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