Chee­tahs wear nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring sun­glasses

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The black tear streaks on this cat’s face ab­sorb the Sun’s rays to de­flect glare away from the eyes. This is vi­tal for main­tain­ing the cat’s vis­ual con­tact with far­away prey. Black fur ab­sorbs light of ev­ery wave­length and re­flects none. Con­versely, lions have white stripes be­neath their eyes to in­crease the amount of light that en­ters them as white is a highly re­flec­tive shade. Chee­tahs hunt by day and lions are mostly ac­tive at night, and both species have evolved to deal with sun­light with fa­cial coloura­tion.

“Pat­terned fur breaks up the chee­tah’s out­line and en­ables it to sneak through veg­e­ta­tion with­out be­com­ing vis­i­ble”

ABOVE Bright sun­light is ab­sorbed by the black ‘tear streaks’ on the chee­tah’s face

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