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Com­mon buz­zard

Buz­zards are the UK’s most com­mon bird of prey, breed­ing in ev­ery county of Eng­land, Wales and Scot­land. They’re adept at hunt­ing a wide va­ri­ety of prey, in­clud­ing rab­bits, voles, mice and small birds.


These beau­ti­ful raptors are some­times known as ‘fish hawks’ due to their skill at snatch­ing swim­ming prey. To sat­isfy their diet ospreys nest near lakes and other bod­ies of water, with some pre­fer­ring to eat sea fish.


Goshawks skil­fully weave around trees in their wood­land habi­tat while pur­su­ing prey. In spring they per­form a ‘sky dance’ – a spec­tac­u­lar rou­tine of swoops and dives in­tended to im­press po­ten­tial mates.

White-tailed ea­gle

With an av­er­age wing­span of over two me­tres (6.6 feet), this bird’s nick­name is ‘the fly­ing barn door’. The UK’s largest rap­tor is sadly en­dan­gered and can now only be found on the west coast of Scot­land.

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