Ex­treme antlers

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Rein­deer are the only deer where both the males and fe­males grow antlers. Male antlers can reach up to 100 cen­time­tres (39 inches) in width and 135 cen­time­tres (53 inches) in beam length, while fe­males’ are usu­ally smaller at around 50 cen­time­tres

(20 inches) long. Used for rut­ting, de­fend­ing ter­ri­to­ries and pro­tect­ing food, antlers re­quire a lot of en­ergy to grow. Males grow their antlers in March to Au­gust, while fe­males grow theirs from June to Septem­ber. The antlers are shed af­ter the mat­ing sea­son and grow back larger each year. Antlers start grow­ing at around two years old and are ini­tially spark­like un­til the age of three years, where they be­gin to branch off.

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