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Close rel­a­tives to the rein­deer fam­ily are...

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The moose is the largest and heav­i­est species in the deer fam­ily. Un­like other deer, they are soli­tary an­i­mals and do not live in herds. They are eas­ily dis­tin­guished by the broad, flat­tened, open-hand­shaped antlers sported by the males, which are known as pal­mate antlers.


Also known as the wapiti, the elk is one of the largest land mam­mals found in North Amer­ica and east­ern Asia. It has a red­dish-brown fur coat and mostly lives and for­ages in forests. Like rein­deer, elk shed their antlers af­ter mat­ing sea­son and re­grow them each year.

South­ern pudú

A sur­pris­ing rel­a­tive of the rein­deer is the small­est deer on Earth, the south­ern pudú. This tiny deer is just 44 cen­time­tres (17.3 inches) tall and is found in the rain­forests of Ar­gentina and Chile. Like the rein­deer, pudús have antlers, but they are much smaller at just nine cen­time­tres (3.5 inches) long.

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