Dis­tinc­tive corals of the At­lantic

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Lophe­lia per­tusa

De­spite be­ing the only re­ef­form­ing coral in UK wa­ters, Lophe­lia per­tusa doesn’t have a com­mon name. This beau­ti­fully branched coral species can be white, pink or or­ange. It is found in much of the north At­lantic, Mediter­ranean and Caribbean.

Pink sea fan

The pink sea fan, also known as the warty coral, has a skele­ton made of cal­cium car­bon­ate and pro­tein. It can only grow on other hard struc­tures such as rock and wood. It is found in the north­east At­lantic Ocean and the western Mediter­ranean.

Dead man’s fin­gers

Not to be con­fused with the species of fun­gus with the same name, dead man’s fin­gers is also a colo­nial coral species. Found in reefs in parts of the At­lantic and off the coast of North Amer­ica, the coral forms in flesh-coloured finger-like lobes.

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