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Date: 1902 Lo­ca­tion: Man­i­toba, Canada

World of Animals - - Small But Mighty -

It is ironic that credit for cap­tur­ing the last known live spec­i­mens of the Rocky Moun­tain lo­cust should go to Nor­man Crid­dle, be­cause this Bri­tish­born en­to­mol­o­gist is also re­mem­bered for cre­at­ing pow­er­ful in­sec­ti­cides that would have killed them. Crid­dle was an ex­pert on con­trol­ling grasshop­pers and their rel­a­tives on North Amer­i­can crop­lands, and ac­cord­ingly he also knew much about the ecol­ogy of these in­sects. The story goes that he found what might have been the last sur­vivors at his fa­ther’s Man­i­toba farm­stead early in the 20th cen­tury, by which time the Rocky Moun­tain lo­cust was a rare sight.

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