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Hideki Kamiya re­veals more about Plat­inum Games’ Xbox One-ex­clu­sive fan­tasy

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In true Hideki Kamiya style, the re­veal trailer for Scale­bound be­gan with a hy­per­bolic bat­tle be­tween a mon­ster and a dragon, and only got more ridicu­lous from there. A main character who looked like he’s tum­bled out of a Fi­nal Fan­tasy game, but rock­ing a pair of ex­pen­sivelook­ing head­phones, man­aged to make friends with the dragon – ap­par­ently by wink­ing at it – and thus, Mr Cheeky rode off into the sun­set astride his new scaly pal. Er, sort of.

It’s a new step for in­fa­mously in­ven­tive de­vel­oper Plat­inum Games, whose most re­cent ma­jor cre­ation – Bay­o­netta 2 – is all about a be­spec­ta­cled witch kick­ing an­gel butt in a very tight cat­suit made of hair. “Monsters, dragons, large ac­tion [se­quences], that is ex­actly what our key theme is for this game,” di­rec­tor Kamiya said at Tokyo Game Show this week. “This large, epic­scale of bat­tle tak­ing place right in front of your eyes [and] the im­pact and dy­namism that it brings to the ex­pe­ri­ence, that’s go­ing to be core to the game.”

Though the team have re­mained fairly tight-lipped so far on the ex­act role of the dragons – whether they’ll serve as your al­lies, your mounts, or some­thing in be­tween; whether their level will in­crease or whether they’re just lumps of snarling flesh – Kamiya did loosen his own to say, “Whether it’s through bat­tle or through ad­ven­ture, your re­la­tion­ship and your bond is go­ing to grow through­out the story. Your player character and this dragon will form that bond and in that sense you will have a re­la­tion­ship… It’s not just meant to be a tool for bat­tle. It’s not just meant to be your pet.”

As for the style of the game, the de­vel­oper again turned cryp­tic, say­ing that it wanted to avoid “old-school-type stage-clearer” dy­nam­ics (as you’d see in Bay­o­netta and Plat­inum’s pre­vi­ous work), but re­fus­ing to give a straight an­swer as to whether or not the game would be open-world. Kamiya said that the best showcase for the huge bat­tles would be a “vast nat­u­ral en­vi­ron­ment” but made no solid prom­ises on the mat­ter.

One thing’s for sure: th­ese new hints from Kamiya have us itch­ing to get cov­ered in scales.

your character and this dragon

will have a re­la­tion­ship//

We’re will­ing to bet that the glow­ing green bits aren’t just there for dec­o­ra­tive pur­poses.

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