Dragon Age: In­qui­si­tion

A Re­nais­sance in­qui­si­tion? Next we’ll be hav­ing witch hunts…

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Oh boy, weapons craft­ing! I’m go­ing to make a chain­saw gun.

Yep, In­qui­si­tion is bring­ing cus­tomis­able weapons and ar­mour, with col­lectable recipes and in­gre­di­ents to make the arse­nal of your dreams. Character cre­ation is also packed with slid­ers and op­tions, so if you want a beardy red-eyed gruff man with pink eye­shadow and a bro­ken nose, then you can.

That’s quite the de­tail.

There’s more – the art de­sign is based on Re­nais­sance oil paint­ings, with de­fined pal­ettes to rep­re­sent each race, re­al­is­tic fab­ric tex­tures and an over­all mood­i­ness rem­i­nis­cent of the time when pretty much ev­ery­one had the plague. Tarot cards are used for race, gen­der and mul­ti­player se­lec­tion screens, in­spired by Euro­pean folk and fairy tale art. It looks fab­u­lous.

But what about com­bat?

It’s multi-lay­ered – there are third-per­son hands-on fights, but if that gets a bit much then you can step out into the strate­gic tac-cam, which freezes the ac­tion and gives your four-per­son team more di­rec­tion. Ask them to help you out with a big guy, or spread them out.

Sounds the begin­nings of a photo mode...

It could well be. There are no prom­ises yet, but we wouldn’t be sur­prised if In­qui­si­tion had a go. We’re keen to show off our pretty, beardy character de­sign.

The lat­est ad­di­tion to the tre­ble sec­tion sig­nalled a new di­rec­tion for the lo­cal chapel choir.

This screen­shot was taken shortly after the guy on the left showed off his twerk­ing skills.

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