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As au­tumn draws in, it’s time to hud­dle around your TV for the an­nual har­vest-time glut… yep, it’s prime sea­son for gaming. So take ad­van­tage of the doubt­less dis­mal weather out­side and set­tle into your sofa. Forza Hori­zon 2, Alien: Iso­la­tion, new FIFA and a vastly ex­tended Xbox One ver­sion of Minecraft? We’re so spoilt for choice right now that we can’t even feel the chill…

Balls up

After read­ing FIFA 15 pre­views, I got quite ex­cited about the prospect of the demo, even on Xbox 360. But, hav­ing watched YouTu­bers play the nex­tgen ver­sion, I was dis­ap­pointed with the cur­rent-gen of­fer­ing. Even small cos­metic things, like the goal mov­ing off the ground when the ball is hit into the roof of the net, have been omit­ted. Surely it’s not be­cause the Xbox 360 lacks the graph­i­cal power (as has been proven with games like GTA and Skyrim)? All this would be fine, but then EA de­cides to com­pletely leave out the one thing that kept me play­ing the game: Pro Clubs. Con­sid­er­ing it’s been in­cluded since FIFA 09, and not many large im­prove­ments have been made since then, it can’t be any­thing to do with the ‘lim­i­ta­tions of the con­sole’ or what­ever tosh EA came out with. It was only then I re­alised that EA has just put out another half-job on cur­rent-gen as a mar­ket­ing ploy for next-gen. I will still buy it, but only be­cause I don’t have the money or the mo­ti­va­tion to make the trans­fer.

Daniel Car­bery

Put it this way, if you were EA, where would you be plough­ing your ef­forts? But if all else fails, just pride your­self on re­sist­ing the mar­ket­ing man’s best at­tempts. Although you are still play­ing…

But­ton down

I’ve been a gamer for about 20 years now but re­cently I’ve come up against a prob­lem. I find it very dif­fi­cult to use the right ana­logue stick on my Xbox One con­troller due to not be­ing able to use my right thumb. I know there’s the usual sum­mer drought of games, but I hon­estly can’t think of many games that are playable by peo­ple in my sit­u­a­tion. Ob­vi­ously with­out the right stick most shoot­ers are out. What hap­pened to the sim­ple con­trols for games? I’m all for games im­prov­ing, but it seems like ev­ery game now re­quires the full com­ple­ment of but­tons and sticks. I have my fin­gers crossed that FPS games take a back seat this gen­er­a­tion and RPGs and rac­ers take the cen­tre stage again. I’m just wait­ing for Dragon Age: In­qui­si­tion to start things off.

Craig Green

We’re sorry to hear this, Craig. Thank­fully, Xbox One’s lineup of rac­ing and role­play­ing games looks strong. Forza Hori­zon 2 has just hit con­soles, and Project CARS is also in the pipe­line. On the RPG front, there’s not just In­qui­si­tion to look for­ward

to, but also The Witcher3 , The Elder Scrolls On­line and the newly an­nounced Fi­nal Fan­tasy XV. Grab your sword and rev that en­gine. (And nurse that thumb.)

Jug­gling act

As a gamer, I’m wor­ried about games mov­ing to next-gen con­soles. For ex­am­ple, I love Metal Gear Solid with all my heart, and Hideo Ko­jima was a ge­nius for putting his orig­i­nal game on to (then) next-gen con­soles. But with Ko­jima’s Silent Hills com­ing up, will he be able to jug­gle that and The Phan­tom Pain at the same time?

Hal Hay­wood

Pfft, have faith, Hal. This is Ko­jima, after all – he’s been mak­ing grown men soil them­selves with his Silent Hills demo, PT, and had the whole in­ter­net in a flap over The Phan­tom Pain’s ca­nine side­kick. He’s not go­ing to let the small mat­ter of a new con­sole stand in his way.

De­mand­ing more

This will be some­thing way too fa­mil­iar with peo­ple al­ready but I feel Mi­crosoft isn’t lis­ten­ing: the pric­ing for Games on De­mand is too damn high! I went onto the mar­ket­place to find Di­ablo III: Ul­ti­mate Evil Edi­tion, and it’s £60 on Xbox One. I can get it on Ama­zon for £43, or if I go for the Xbox 360 ver­sion I can get it for £26. It beg­gars belief that Mi­crosoft thinks it can still charge peo­ple this. Also, I could take the phys­i­cal game

//Can Ko­jima jug­gle Silent Hills and The Phan­tom Pain at the same time?//

to a friend’s house if I want to, so that we can play lo­cal co-op. If Mi­crosoft wants Games on De­mand to do even bet­ter, it needs to of­fer more com­pet­i­tive prices, be­cause there re­ally isn’t that much in­cen­tive at the mo­ment.

Liam McBey

The sim­ple so­lu­tion, Liam, would be to buy your games from those cheaper sources you men­tion. Games on De­mand may charge a pre­mium, but that’s for the con­ve­nience of hav­ing it right now. Pa­tience, young Padawan. And yes, you can in­deed carry a phys­i­cal disc around with you – so why the com­plaints about down­load prices?

Just out of shot: a goalie about to land on his arse.

‘Wisps of light’ prove tricky en­e­mies to kill. Un­less you have a switch.

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