Duck, duck, goose

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While scan­ning through your re­views I was dis­mayed to read the re­view on Duck Dy­nasty. I have rarely seen such a one-sided view of a game or, worse still, some­one let­ting their own views in­flu­ence what should have been a re­view about a game. As you may be aware, there are a large num­ber of shoot­ing sports peo­ple – some of who may en­joy a duck-hunt­ing game and who eat what they hunt. There­fore de­scrib­ing the game as duck mur­der sim­u­la­tor only il­lus­trates how likely it is that a) Kate is veg­e­tar­ian and b) has no idea how im­ma­ture this re­view comes across as. Would she re­view GTA as a ‘cop mur­der sim­u­la­tor’ or Tomb Raider as a ‘cast­away mur­der sim­u­la­tor’?

Daniel Gadd GTA as a cop mur­der sim­u­la­tor? That’s an ex­cel­lent idea for a con­cept re­view, you know. Our cov­er­age of the most re­cent in­stal­ment’s Xbox 360 edi­tion in­cluded ref­er­ence to it “leav­ing you free once more to gun down po­lice of­fi­cers”, so we were at least 63% of the way there. In all se­ri­ous­ness, though, it would be sim­ply im­pos­si­ble to re­view games based on the lens through which ev­ery last sub­set of our read­er­ship might see them. A re­view is al­ways a sub­jec­tive re­flec­tion of one per­son’s – in our case, our re­viewer’s – opin­ion of a game. And be­sides, Duck Dy­nasty’s prob­lems don’t begin and end with the sub­ject mat­ter - have you seen the state of those vir­tual beards?

Age of in­no­cence

I am a frus­trated gamer who saved and worked for an Xbox One, but so far has not got my money’s worth out of it. This is mainly due to the lack of good younger-aged games. I have the sports games such as FIFA (sadly) but what I re­ally want to play is some shoot-’emup games with my mates. Don’t get me wrong, I love videogames! I es­pe­cially love shoot­ers. There is one prob­lem, how­ever: I am 13. Be­cause of this I can­not play th­ese games. What I don’t un­der­stand is the over-the-top vi­o­lence in the cur­rent gen­er­a­tion of shooter. I know some peo­ple like it, but why don’t they bring out a ver­sion of th­ese games that’s just mul­ti­player. Take Ad­vanced War­fare – why can’t Sledge­ham­mer re­lease a dif­fer­ent ver­sion with just the mul­ti­player, which should surely lower the PEGI rat­ing? I’m sure oth­ers are hav­ing the same prob­lem as me, and there could be a great mar­ket for this.

Bryn Roberts

That’s Kate in the back­ground there. Spot­ted her?

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