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Agreed on an in­ser­tion point? Great stuff – now it’s time to get a-for­ti­fy­ing. For the next 60 sec­onds, the de­fend­ing team’s job is to rush around the map, block­ing off the en­trance points, set­ting traps and just gen­er­ally mak­ing the place as in­hos­pitable as pos­si­ble for would-be res­cuers.

There are three ba­sic el­e­ments of a map that can be re­in­forced – win­dows, open door­ways and wooden struc­tures. You might think board­ing up the win­dows is a sure-fire good idea, but you might as well put up some Christ­mas lights and a flash­ing light that reads ‘THE HOSTAGE IS OVER HERE, PLEA SE HEL P YOUR­SELF ’. You’re bet­ter off po­si­tion­ing one of your team in a po­si­tion on watch duty.

Seal­ing off door­ways is a smarter move, if used spar­ingly. Blocked-off door­ways are an in­con­ve­nience rather than an im­passe for the at­tack­ing team, but they’re un­able to get through them with­out mak­ing their pres­ence heard. Thus, block­ing off door­ways is an ex­cel­lent way to keep tabs on an en­try point with­out hav­ing to sta­tion some­one on it full-time to keep an eye out for would-be he­roes.

If you re­ally don’t want some­one to get through a pas­sage­way, how­ever, it’s worth giv­ing a shout out over the mic to see if some­one has bagged the ‘Cas­tle’ op­er­a­tor – he can lay down two re­in­forced Kevlar bar­ri­cades that sim­ply can’t be breached by bul­let holes, and the at­tack­ers will have a hell of a time bust­ing through it, even with C4.

While it seems log­i­cal to spend your time beef­ing up ex­ist­ing en­try points, it’s ac­tu­ally more pru­dent to worry more about those en­try points that don’t yet ex­ist. Spend time look­ing for wooden struc­tures to for­tify, be­cause if they’re left in their nat­u­ral state, you can bet your bot­tom ammo clip that the op­pos­ing team will see the op­por­tu­nity in your care­less­ness...

Cas­tle can re­in­force ex­ist­ing bar­ri­cades against ex­plo­sions.

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