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Right. You’re in­side the com­plex and (hope­fully by this point) you know ex­actly where the hostage is at. If you don’t, it’s worth prick­ing up your ears – the hostage will some­times call out if they sense that the res­cuers are nearby. Once you’re in an ad­ja­cent room, you need to work out how you’re go­ing to make your grand en­trance. Oh, sure, you could waltz right in through the main door­way – but you’re likely to blun­der into a wel­com­ing party. How about one of the side en­trances? Oh come on, now – even on the off-chance that no one’s guard­ing it, it’s likely to be stuffed like a Christ­mas turkey with det­o­nat­ing de­vices.

So why not try mak­ing an en­try point of your own? One of Rain­bow Six Siege’s sell­ing points is the high level of en­vi­ron­men­tal de­struc­tibil­ity – ba­si­cally, any­thing that’s made of wood can be shot to pieces, ei­ther with bul­lets or a breach charge. This extends to wooden floor­ing – there’s noth­ing more sat­is­fy­ing than get­ting the jump on a group of un­sus­pect­ing thugs by bust­ing in unan­nounced from above.

Suc­cess in Rain­bow Six Siege boils down to cre­at­ing con­fu­sion and then cap­i­tal­is­ing on it. As we grew in con­fi­dence, we un­cov­ered new ways to gain an edge. One such tac­tic in­volves snap­ping up Ash – the only fe­male op­er­a­tor re­vealed thus far. She’s armed with a breach-charge launch­ing gad­get that al­lows you to dis­tract the op­pos­ing team by mak­ing an ex­plo­sion on one side of the build­ing. As they rush to in­ves­ti­gate the noise, you can saunter in through an op­pos­ing door and clean up while their backs are turned.

“God­damnit Sledge, the latch was open.”

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