Emma Davies is play­ing… Scream­ride

BE­CAUSE… “I could hap­pily ride roller­coast­ers all day long”

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There are a lot of tiny peo­ple that I have made vomit, and not just be­cause chil­dren har­bour an in­stinc­tive dis­like to­wards me. In­stead, I’ve been send­ing pixel­lated thrillseek­ers on the ride of their dizzy, nau­seous lives – zoom­ing along tracks at im­prob­a­ble speeds, ca­reen­ing madly on two wheels and only oc­ca­sion­ally fly­ing off the track. They puke, but they love it.

Scream­ride does fea­ture An­gry Bird­sesque de­struc­tion and Roller­coaster Ty­coon- style en­gi­neer­ing modes, but nei­ther grabs me: I played the mo­bile game the first time out, and get too ob­sessed with the de­tails, re­spec­tively. What ab­sorbs me is Scream­rider mode. Here, you get to ride roller­coast­ers. In the same vein as a driv­ing game, you con­trol the throt­tle, brakes and boost. You can tilt your car­riage in a hor­i­zon­tal take on a wheelie to drive the crowd (and health and safety crew) wild. It’s ar­guably the game’s sim­plest mode, but it’s un­doubt­edly my favourite.

You see, I’ve never met a roller­coaster I didn’t like – even love. Well, aside from the lit­tle one at the end of Teign­mouth Pier, but I was only six at the time so give me a break, al­right? No speed, drop or amount of loop-the-loops is enough to de­ter me. If I sit in­cred­i­bly close to the screen when I’m play­ing Scream­ride, close enough that my eyes have ev­ery right to be go­ing square, I can al­most kid my­self that I’m on a real roller­coaster. I’ve al­ways had a vivid imag­i­na­tion.

In real life, I have yet to en­counter a ’coaster that fires me off the track, through a hole in a build­ing and then back down again (rel­a­tively) safe and sound. I am not able to give my­self an ex­tra boost through bar­rel rolls and dive loops, just for the physics-de­fy­ing hell of it. And I can’t just ride roller­coast­ers on a whim – it has to be the one supremely ex­cit­ing day of the year when my dad and I drive to a theme park and spend hours overdosing on adren­a­line. In Scream­rider, I can do all those things. So you can keep your ex­plod­ing build­ings and self-en­gi­neered cre­ations – I’ll just keep rid­ing round and round the rails.

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