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Don’t take no for an­swer…

The orig­i­nal idea for In­fin­ity was to make it the spir­i­tual suc­ces­sor to Toy Story 3’ s Western Town, where all the Pixar char­ac­ters could in­ter­act with each other. So we asked Pixar’s John Las­seter, but he said: “No – it makes no sense, Buzz Lightyear is six inches tall and Sully is eight feet tall.” The Avalanche Soft­ware guys thought, ‘Well, why don’t we just make ev­ery­thing toys?’ Turns out Las­seter loves toys, and said it was ge­nius.

…be­cause Avalanche didn’t

We were first told ‘no’ five years ago, but what we have in the Toy Box is the ul­ti­mate goal re­alised. We have ev­ery­thing in here – peo­ple laughed at us when we first pitched it. We fi­nally did it. We have fea­ture an­i­ma­tion, fea­ture film, Marvel, Lu­cas, clas­sic Dis­ney – ev­ery­thing can live here.

Don’t be afraid to change

We’ve al­ways wanted online mul­ti­player, but we didn’t want kids to have to look at screens full of text while wait­ing in dull lob­bies. So we cre­ated a toy box on an is­land. Next to the palm tree was an old-fash­ioned capsule toy dis­penser, and in­side those cap­sules could be a sticky hand, or some blocks. And that would be the queue to get into mul­ti­player. But in test­ing, the kids play­ing were hav­ing more fun mess­ing around there than they were get­ting into the mul­ti­player. We thought, ‘Hang on, this could be what we do’.

Re­alise the power of cin­ema

There’s now a spline tool, so play­ers can make an ob­ject or cam­era go on a cer­tain path for their own cutscenes. This came from some­thing we saw in Dis­ney In­fin­ity 2.0 where play­ers were us­ing a weather vane, which shoots you in a cer­tain di­rec­tion – peo­ple were link­ing these to­gether to make an ar­ti­fi­cial roller­coaster.

Go to the best…

Who do you go to when you want sword com­bat? Ninja The­ory. We were jok­ing about get­ting them in years ago when we were think­ing about lightsaber­s. Turns out they loved In­fin­ity, so it was a great bond. They added to all our char­ac­ters – my favourite is Ra­pun­zel’s fry­ing pan, which acts like a lightsaber so you can do this great air jug­gle. “This time we’re open gal­axy, not just open world.”

Bac kgro Check

Name Mathew Solie Job ti­tle Pro­ducer, Dis­ney In­ter­ac­tive Bio Mathew Solie joined Dis­ney In­fin­ity with the goal of be­ing able to recre­ate his child­hood mem­ory of tip­ping all his toys onto the car­pet and have them play with each other in a bizarro bat­tle royale. He’s do­ing that af­ter work­ing on a wide range of games, from be­ing a pro­duc­tion tester on Quan­tum of So­lace at Ac­tivi­sion, to dab­bling with other toys with Trans­form­ers: Re­venge of the Fallen at Lux­oflux. He even worked with War­ren Spec­tor and the world’s most leg­endary ro­dent as part of the Epic Mickey team.

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