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hat’s right: the folks what make Minecraft are pub­lish­ing a game from a third-party dev, whose mem­bers in­clude one Jens Ber­gen­sten, also known as the man who took charge of Minecraft when Notch de­cided to give it all up to live in a gi­ant house filled with jellybeans. Nepo­tism! Luck­ily, Cobalt’s look­ing very good in­deed: it’s a side-scrolling ac­tion-plat­former that’s been re­fined over sev­eral years, with par­tic­u­lar fo­cus on its four-per­son mul­ti­player. There’s slid­ing, slow mo­tion, slid­ing in slow mo­tion and lots of jump­ing and rolling. Rolling is par­tic­u­larly im­por­tant, as it al­lows you to not only dodge in­com­ing pro­jec­tiles, but to de­flect them back at who­ever fired. Con­trols are re­fined and re­spon­sive, and the ac­tion, dare we say it, is rem­i­nis­cent at times of a 2D mul­ti­player Van­quish. We’re quite ex­cited by this one.


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