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The Covenant, a re­li­gious and mil­i­taris­tic or­der de­ter­mined to wipe out the hu­man race, were the main an­tag­o­nists of the orig­i­nal Halo tril­ogy. They had to start some­where – Sanghe­lios, leg­endary home world of the Sangheili race, the ori­gins of the Covenant and the planet we prob­a­bly as­so­ciate with peace the least. It was men­tioned way back in Halo 3, but Guardians will be the first time we get to visit the planet. Be­ing the first new-gen Halo, which we’re promised will be the big­gest yet, we’re ex­pect­ing a world of in­cred­i­ble scale. But con­sid­er­ing his history with its peo­ple, we don’t ex­pect the Chief to re­ceive the warmest of wel­comes. Fur­ther Read­ing: Sanghe­lios fea­tures heav­ily in the novel Halo: Glass­lands.

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