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You Are No One Our ini­tial quest is to hunt down the leg­endary Lords of Cin­der, but we’re no ‘Cho­sen Un­dead’. This time we’re not nearly so spe­cial, re­ferred to as a “name­less, ac­cursed un­dead, un­fit even to be cin­der”. ‘Cho­sen One’ nar­ra­tives are pretty open and shut (and tired and over­done), so could this mean we’re not des­tined to save Lothric? Maybe only one player will fin­ish

and then ev­ery­one else will turn to ash, the game never playable again. That’d be some of the most hate­ful de­sign we have ever seen from From Soft­ware, se­cond only to those archers in Anor Londo. Blood­stains let you watch the deaths of other play­ers. Laugh at their hi­lar­i­ously doomed at­tempts, be­fore you im­me­di­ately fall down a hole.

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