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Sav­ing the world, one brick at a time

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Didn’t he just use to make cameos? There are so many col­lecta­bles, un­lock­able cos­tumes and whole scenes fea­tur­ing Stan Lee in Marvel’s Avengers, he’s prac­ti­cally the star. His con­stant pres­ence and cries of ‘ex­cel­sior!’ will ei­ther charm you or make you want to brick him. We hope it’s the for­mer, be­cause this might be the best Lego game yet. Also be­cause we don’t want you to hurt Stan Lee.

Lego com­bat (fi­nally) sees an im­prove­ment, with ev­ery char­ac­ter get­ting a spe­cial take­down: Loki turns in­vis­i­ble and then at­tacks from be­hind; Hulk rages out on any goon fool­ish enough to pick a fight with him. Even bet­ter are team-up moves, like hav­ing Thor strike Cap­tain Amer­ica’s shield for a killer shock­wave. You’ll want to try more Avengers just to see them all.

One minute you’ll be shoot­ing ar­rows and kick­ing Hydra agents to blocks as Hawk­eye and Black Widow, the next the ac­tion will fly to Hulk and Thor, and you with it. Fre­quent switch­ing be­tween pairs keeps the pace up, and lev­els show a keen eye for cin­e­matic ac­tion. Set-pieces, like the bat­tle for New York, use slow-mo­tion, ex­plo­sions and Lego pedes­tri­ans run­ning around scream­ing to cap­ture the mad buzz of a su­per­hero block­buster. There’s lit­tle filler here – Trav­eller’s Tales skips to iconic scenes and fo­cuses on get­ting them right.

It’s a shame that the pro­duc­tion val­ues fal­ter at the voice act­ing. The main cast’s au­dio is ripped from the films, and with no new di­a­logue we’re left with sur­pris­ingly straight retellings of Assem­ble and Age of Ul­tron. Lines aren’t even recorded well, with mu­sic fad­ing out as we strain to hear an­other whis­per-quiet Robert Downey Jr quip.

Lim­ited by the di­a­logue, TT set­tles for vis­ual gags, like Thanos lis­ten­ing to his own Guardians of the Galaxy- style mix tapes, and even a kiss be­tween Hulk and Tony Stark. It’s fre­quently funny and al­ways charm­ing, but we still wish this fran­chise had got­ten the full Lego Bat­man- style skew­er­ing it de­served.

But it’s hard to stay dis­ap­pointed at a game so gen­er­ous. Over a hun­dred char­ac­ters, huge hub­worlds full of fun side quests (‘defy Odin by tak­ing a selfie on his throne as the Hulk’) and some of the sprightli­est Lego game­play yet. Ex­cel­sior, in­deed. OXM

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