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Minecraft meets Quake is the con­cept be­hind Gun­scape’s mix of ul­tra-ba­sic FPS and block­stack­ing level cre­ation kit. Knock up an arena – any shape you like, as long as it’s made of cubes – and tear around alone or with your mates, on­line or splitscree­n, blast­ing mon­sters or each other. A game like this re­lies al­most en­tirely on the qual­ity of its user-gen­er­ated con­tent, and Gun­scape is max­imis­ing its chances by pool­ing lev­els cre­ated on mul­ti­ple plat­forms.

The cam­paign mode doesn’t give a great first im­pres­sion. It has all the vis­ual ap­peal of a grainy we­b­cam video of Doom’s ugly sis­ter. The fram­er­ate is jerky and the screen tears all over the place. User-gen­er­ated lev­els that don’t con­tain quite so many blocks run much more smoothly, but the game will strug­gle if you have a case of block di­ar­rhoea in the edit­ing mode. It’s ar­guably more fun to build than to ac­tu­ally play, but isn’t that al­ways the way?

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