They make the games we love, but what do they play for fun? We ask de­vel­op­ers to pick six from Xbox his­tory. This month:

XBox: The Official Magazine - - CONTENT - Paul Wright

As­sas­sin’s Creed: Broth­er­hood [1] was the first As­sas­sin’s game I played. I had just come back from hol­i­day in Rome and was as­ton­ished by how I could make my way around the game us­ing my mem­ory of the real city. It’s one of a hand­ful of ti­tles that made me say “Wow” out loud. Dark Souls was also great, but I put it down when I got to Orn­stein and Smough. It took me ages to fig­ure out it was bet­ter played with oth­ers, and Dark Souls 2 [2] seemed to make that eas­ier and more en­joy­able. I’ve spent more hours play­ing The El­der Scrolls: Obliv­ion [3] than any other Xbox game. I love sneak­ing and silently killing in games, and the Black Hand quest gave me hun­dreds of hours of op­por­tu­nity to do that. I’ve tried be­ing a mage but it isn’t the same as bow work. I played COD: Mod­ern War­fare 2 [4] on­line most nights af­ter work for two years. I think Waste­land is just about the best sniper map ever made. I found a spot in the mid­dle where I would just lie prone in my ghillie suit. The way it makes you feel si­mul­ta­ne­ously tense and su­pe­rior, as some­one pretty much runs over you, has yet to be repli­cated in any FPS. I loved Far Cry 3, but Blood Dragon [5] is what hap­pens when a team takes a risk on DLC that mar­ket­ing can’t ‘do num­bers’ on, and it pays off big time – an ab­so­lute de­light. Fi­nally, I’ve never had the time to get into MMOs, but I love play­ing with ran­dom peo­ple on­line, so I like hy­brid games where I can drop in and out at my leisure, like Des­tiny [6]. I’m also a mas­sive col­lec­tor-type, so all those shiny weapons are like Poké­mon to me!

Paul Wright Se­nior Pro­ducer at Re­bel­lion Be­fore join­ing Re­bel­lion in 2013, Wright worked at Lion­head on sev­eral Fable ti­tles. His work as lead de­signer on SniperElit­e4 is slightly less whim­si­cal – far fewer spleens were evis­cer­ated in Al­bion…

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