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We have to start pre­tend­ing to be nice; we’re go­ing to need a lot more friends now Xbox One is see­ing its most am­bi­tious mul­ti­player of­fer­ings yet. Rare kick things off, mak­ing a huge splash with Sea of Thieves (p8). A pi­rate MMO is one of those ideas so bril­liant you won­der why no one’s thought of it be­fore or if it can even be pulled off. Luck­ily, the Rare devs we meet are over­flow­ing with in­spired nau­ti­cal ideas, so we’re on board... And ready to set sail on the S.S. Awk­ward Segue to mech-bat­tle is­land for Ti­tan­fall 2 (p20). The de­vel­op­ers talk about the new gad­gets and Ti­tans that make 2016’s big­gest mul­ti­player shooter a huge leap for­ward. All this so­cial­is­ing has us long­ing for a nice long, lonely Metal Gear ses­sion... but Kon­ami are hav­ing none of that. With Metal Gear Sur­vive (p12) they’ve turned the sec­ond-best game on Xbox One into a mad team af­fair of crys­tal zom­bies, earth-shak­ing mon­sters and worm­holes. We feared Ko­jima’s mad­ness couldn’t be repli­cated, but hon­estly, Sur­vive makes it look like he was ac­tu­ally hold­ing Kon­ami back...

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