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Matthew Cas­tle

“I missed out on the co-op fun with Peace Walker, but my friends were ob­sessed with it. The no­tion of plug­ging mul­ti­ple brains into MGSV’’ s in­ter­twin­ing net­work of amaz­ing ac­tion me­chan­ics sounds thrilling. I have high hopes for this.”

Kim­ber­ley Bal­lard

“Be­ing sucked into an al­ter­nate di­men­sion is one of my favourite tropes so I’m buzzed for this (even if the mu­tants look like glam Click­ers from The Last of Us). And it’ll be in­ter­est­ing to see how this series evolves with­out Ko­jima.”

Tom Stone

“I hate it when Metal Gear takes it­self se­ri­ously, so this looks great. Crys­tal zom­bies! Worm­holes! Hope­fully no mono­logues on the ethics of war! Looks to be the mad­dest (i.e. best) spin-off since Metal Gear Ris­ing: Re­vengeance.”

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