How Dis­hon­ored 2’s least con­ven­tional spell was cre­ated

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Emily’s most dis­tinc­tive power is Domino, which can mag­i­cally link sev­eral char­ac­ters so that what­ever you do to one of them hap­pens to all. You might, for in­stance, link a group of guards, then shoot the most easy tar­get with a sleep dart in or­der to con­serve am­mu­ni­tion. Or rope an elite sen­try to a hap­less ser­vant, then stab the lat­ter to dis­pose of the oth­ers with­out a fight.

Arkane’s de­sign­ers fid­dled at length with the power’s mana cost per use, the time it takes an ef­fect to spread and how all of this would be rep­re­sented to the player. The team also had to tweak Domino in such a way that it can, just about, be used to speed­ily tag and top­ple groups when caught off guard (plug­ging points into this abil­ity may, af­ter all, in­volve ne­glect­ing more di­rect means of com­bat).

“Some ideas are worth ex­plor­ing and pro­to­typ­ing and keep­ing in the game for a while till you have to make a cut later,” com­ments Har­vey Smith, “But that’s very ex­pen­sive, in terms of man­power and the emo­tional drain for cut­ting some­thing like that. Some ideas, if you’re more ex­pe­ri­enced and you have good in­stincts and good taste around this kind of game, you can kill very early.”

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