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The first game set Xbox Live Ar­cade aflame upon its ini­tial Xbox 360 launch, out of nowhere be­com­ing a break­through hit amidst a mael­strom of zom­bie-flavoured also-rans. The sec­ond game takes the sin­gle player per­madeath-in­fused ground work and builds upon it with a mul­ti­player struc­ture, with four play­ers now able to join forces as they build up com­mu­ni­ties and at­tempt to sur­vive in an un­dead shuf­fler-en­crusted postapoc­a­lypse Amer­ica.

Imag­ine the sce­nario: you and three pals are scout­ing out a large, ca­daver-rammed hard­ware store for sup­plies. With four play­ers now in­volved, you can work to­gether to fig­ure out the best, or most fun, way to tackle this sit­u­a­tion. Should you all go in guns blaz­ing? Should some­one keep a car tick­ing over for a fast smash and grab? Or per­haps two play­ers can cause a dis­trac­tion, while the other two load their packs in their own sweet time?


What we won’t see is play­ers be­ing di­rectly hos­tile to one an­other. Un­dead isn’t build­ing a PvP game here, so you won’t be able to sim­ply kill each other ran­domly. That said, it does sound like there is room within its sim­u­la­tion sys­tems for play­ers to make life un­in­ten­tion­ally harder for one an­other. That bit we men­tioned just now about mak­ing noise? Well it’s pos­si­ble for play­ers to do this at in­op­por­tune times too. The wrong move at the wrong time could see a horde of zom­bies wheel in your di­rec­tion, and it’ll be up to play­ers to fig­ure out how to sur­vive these en­coun­ters. This all sounds sump­tu­ously in­tense, es­pe­cially as the player char­ac­ters you con­trol, fos­ter, and level up can still be killed off per­ma­nently. Zom­bie games keep on com­ing, but few scratch the itch that State Of De­cay 2 prom­ises: to be a game of huge con­se­quence.

“The wrong move at the wrong time could see a horde of zom­bies wheel in your di­rec­tion”

top Some­times there’s noth­ing more sat­is­fy­ing than thwack­ing a shuf­fler in the nut with a sim­ple blunt in­stru­ment.

left Team up with up to three other play­ers to bring down quadra-pain upon those pesky zom­bie ma­raud­ers.

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