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If you’ve ever sat down to watch Ground­hog Day and found your­self an­grily be­moan­ing the lack of mur­der and casi­nos, then boy-oh-boy, do we have a game that will cater to your weirdly spe­cific tastes. This time-bend­ing who­dun­nit casts you as an age­ing priest trapped in a sin­gle end­lessly re­peat­ing day. And as if that wasn’t enough of a has­sle, you’re also stuck in a pala­tial gam­bling den as crazed croupiers be­gin to slaugh­ter the as­sem­bled guests. To es­cape, you’ll have to con­ceal your­self in the gam­bling den’s nooks and cran­nies, ob­serv­ing the mur­der­ous staff and in­ter­act­ing with your en­vi­ron­ment to save the pet­ri­fied pa­trons. It’s odd and beautifull­y stylised, fus­ing puz­zle game­play and mur­der-mys­tery in­trigue.

BE­LOW Of course, the real mys­tery is why this masked chap is about to stab him­self in the foot.

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