Ray­man Leg­ends

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10 Up to four play­ers can mess around on

Ray­manLe­gends, which is one of the most cre­ative co-op­er­a­tive platformin­g games you’ll ever play. Clever puz­zles and level de­sign will re­quire top-notch team­work, so maybe don’t play this with peo­ple who don’t take in­struc­tions well – look, you know your friends and fam­ily bet­ter than we do – or with peo­ple who don’t work well in groups. In fact, maybe just ask ev­ery­one to sub­mit a CV be­fore you in­vite them to play this one. On top of the platformin­g, there’s also the ex­cel­lent mini-game, Kung Foot – it’s ba­si­cally foot­ball, but far more fun (just try not to kick any frag­ile house­hold or­na­ments).

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