Jack­box Party Pack

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01 If we’re al­lowed to in­clude Rare Re­play on this list, then we have to add Jack­box Party Pack to the mix. This in­cludes trivia game YouDon’t

KnowJack, bluff­ing game Fib­bage, fill-in-the­blank game WordSpud, fib-finder LieSpot­ter and the all-time favourite, Draw­ful, which pits you against your friends in a hi­lar­i­ously dif­fi­cult draw­ing com­pe­ti­tion. If you love this, there’s so much more to dis­cover, as there’s also a Jack­box Party Pack 2 and 3. You can have a party al­most ev­ery week and still have a new game to play with your friends! You’ll be the coolest per­son ever. (Or maybe the dwee­bi­est, most man­i­cally ob­sessed one, I’m not sure.) Jack­box is ev­ery­thing you love about party games, but BET­TER. Trust me on this one. Also, even though most of the games are for up to eight play­ers, which seems like more than enough with­out swamp­ing your liv­ing room with scream­ing, flail­ing friends, LieSwat­ter can have to 100 play­ers! Who even has that many friends?! Jack­box, you are se­ri­ously jacked-up. n

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