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War is, as they say, “heck”. Ac­tu­ally, when it’s digi­tised war­fare in­volv­ing Spar­tans and what­not, it’s not al­ways so bad, es­pe­cially if you’re talk­ing specif­i­cally about Halo Wars 2 (p8). With the lat­est Elite-bash­ing RTS out in shops this month, we visit 343 In­dus­tries for an in-depth chat about all as­pects of the am­bi­tious se­quel. On to mat­ters more pre­his­toric, and we meet with Stu­dio Wild­card about its lat­est Ark: Sur­vival Evolved up­date (p12). Ever had a han­ker­ing to stick a plasma can­non on a T Rex’s ex­tinct cra­nium?

Ark’s new Tek Tier DLC has you cov­ered. Ac­tu­ally, we best keep in the Tyrant Lizard King’s cor­ner: it’s the only thing that can pro­tect us from

Overwatch’s salty com­mu­nity (p15). Turns out, they hate when he­roes with a cheaty chain hook get nerfed. Mer­ci­fully, things are a lot calmer when we pore over Rime’s lat­est trailer (p18) in a scene-by-scene break­down. The en­chant­ing in­die was once a PS4-ex­clu­sive, but it’s since slipped Sony’s grasp to bring its mys­ti­cal brand of is­land puz­zles and magic foxes to Xbox One.

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