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The orig­i­nal Mass Ef­fect tril­ogy took place in the Milky Way, but that’s set to change for BioWare’s new branch of the saga, which rep­re­sents a clean break from the Shep­ard story. The An­dromeda galaxy is com­pletely un­known to hu­man­ity and its al­lies, and you’ll nav­i­gate it from your re­vamped, three-di­men­sional Galaxy Map, watch­ing stars and plan­ets fly past from your com­mand­ing spot on the Tem­pest’s bridge. Wan­der the ship and you’ll even be able to see your ac­cu­rate po­si­tion in space re­flected in the starfields vis­i­ble from win­dows and view­ing plat­forms.

be­low Each Ark is spe­cially adapted to carry a par­tic­u­lar species and de­signed around their unique phys­i­olo­gies.

above Al­though we’ve got a good look at the Ry­der twins, the fate of their Pathfind­ing papa is un­clear.

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