the war­den

Get your biros and graph pa­per out: it’s time to plan your new build with the War­den’s full ar­ray of new abil­i­ties, split up over three brand new skill trees Green bal­ance

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Win­ter’s Em­brace best for... Tak­ing the hits

Skill 1 Po­lar Wind Use this to blast friends with sooth­ing heal­ing over time or to strike at foes with nasty frost dam­age. Skill 2 Ice Fortress Get an icy shell over your torso with this skill and you’ll get a meaty buff to your ar­mour rating. Skill 3 Im­pal­ing shards Need to move en­e­mies around? This ac­ti­vates a snare so that you can yank to your heart’s con­tent. Skill 4 Crys­tallised Shield Sum­mons ex­actly what you think it would, buff­ing your ar­mour and mak­ing you even harder to kill. Skill 5 Frozen De­vice Drop this rune onto the ground and any en­e­mies that step on it will be tele­ported to you. Ideal for keep­ing mon­sters off your group’s healer. l tim ate skill Sleet Storm This spell cov­ers a large area and buffs any party mem­bers caught in the blast with pro­tec­tion, per­fect for open­ing a boss en­counter. It also deals spikes of dam­age on en­e­mies in the blast zone, so can be used to clear mobs of en­e­mies or to draw threat to your­self and away from squishier friends. best for... Heal­ing your bud­dies Skill 1 Fun­gal Growth Not nearly as aw­ful as it sounds, this skill lets you heal friends in a cone in front of you. Skill 2 Heal­ing Seed Pop th­ese into the ground and the flora that grows will steadily heal nearby buds over time. Skill 3 Liv­ing Vines This seeks out the team mem­ber with the low­est health for a dose of life juice. Skill 4 Green Lotus A lovely bloom­ing flower vis­ual ef­fect, yes, but also a pow­er­ful dam­age buff. Skill 5 Na­ture’s Grasp Dis­tant friend in deep doo-doo? This skill pulls you di­rectly to them for timely life sav­ing when needed fast. ul­ti­mate skill Se­cluded Grove This bil­low­ing abil­ity sees trees slowly grow in a cir­cle around you for huge health re­ju­ve­nat­ing heals for any friends milling about in­side.

An­i­mal Com­pan­ion best for... Deal­ing out tons of dam­age

Skill 1 Scream­ing Cliff Racer Once upon a time th­ese ha­rangu­ing beast­ies were the scourge of our ex­is­tence. Now they are our spike dam­age deal­ing beast­ies. Skill 2 Sub­ter­ranean As­sault Sum­mon an un­der­ground tur­tle beast (a Haj Mota if you need to know) and it’ll arc for­ward in a stun­ning line of hurt. Skill 3 Grow­ing Swarm Bees? Bees. Well, ac­tu­ally they are Fletcher Flies, but they hurt who­ever you send them af­ter so just pic­ture bees and you’re on the right track. Skill 4 Bull Netch Ac­ti­vate this and a float­ing Bull Netch will hover by your side re­cov­er­ing your stamina for you. Cheers, you dis­gust­ing ball of flesh, you. Skill 5 Bird Of Prey Gotta go fast? This skill in­creases move­ment speed, though whether that’s for run­ning away or for bar­rag­ing into a fight is up to you. ul­ti­mate skill Wild Guardian Un­like the timed spirit crea­tures that you sum­mon with your other skills, this wild bear will stick with you un­til death. We’re told to ex­pect a stream­lined con­trol sys­tem which al­lows us to com­mand it to at­tack things on our be­half. We wish we had one for the OXM of­fice.

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