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Sh­elob gets an ex­treme makeover in Mid­dle-Earth: Shadow Of War

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Spi­ders are re­volt­ing crea­tures, what with their too many eyes and too many legs all eerily work­ing in uni­son. It’s not nat­u­ral, dammit. Sh­elob from The Lord Of The Rings only made mat­ters worse thanks to her in­cred­i­ble size and hor­ri­ble labyrinth of webs that could eas­ily en­snare some­one hu­man (or hob­bit)-sized. But af­ter see­ing what she looks like in the up­com­ing Shadow Of War we’re re­ally con­fused – she’s lost the ex­tra limbs and now takes on a new form; that of a brunette woman.

In the game’s lore she was driven out of Mor­dor to the moun­tains by Sau­ron and of­ten sends out raid­ing par­ties to fight his Orcs. You share a com­mon en­emy (that’s prob­a­bly how you end up cross­ing paths), but given that she’s still also an evil gi­ant spi­der half of the time she also shouldn’t be trusted lightly. She’s got her own agenda to pur­sue, though what that is we’ll only find out in Oc­to­ber.


She al­lows our hero Talion to see through her many eyes so he can have funky vi­sions – per­haps why he holds her in high re­gard – but his wraith coun­ter­part Cele­brim­bor is a lot less trust­ing. This leads to con­flict be­tween the two, which Sh­elob seems to de­light in. Will she drive a wedge be­tween the two spir­i­tual besties, or will you over­come it?

Still, it looks like her pow­ers are go­ing to come in handy not just for peek­ing into the fu­ture and find­ing Sau­ron, but for the game’s fortress raids as well. One of the pow­ers you can use lets you re­cruit an army of eight-legged friends who scam­per around poi­son­ing foes or driv­ing them mad with fear, while you go about the busi­ness of slay­ing orcs.

Ev­ery­thing we see of Shadow Of War ex­cites us more, so we’re cu­ri­ous to see where this imag­ing of Sh­elob in this ver­sion of Mor­dor takes us. The in­tro­duc­tion of the Neme­sis sys­tem in Shadow Of Mor­dor was a de­light, and SOW looks like it’s set to sur­prise us just as much as the orig­i­nal. Mid­dle-Earth: Shadow Of War will be re­leased on 10 Oc­to­ber.

Sh­elob in the (grotesque) form you’ll know and not love.

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