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What’s the big­gest change that fans will no­tice from The New Or­der?

I think it’s vis­ually, ac­tu­ally; we have a com­pletely new en­gine now. Or au­dio-vis­ually, I should say – I don’t want to ex­clude the au­dio team, who are amaz­ing. But the en­gine is en­tirely new, so all of the ren­der­ing is new, all of the first-per­son move­ment, AI, the sound and au­dio sys­tem is new… it’s a to­tal over­haul. You know, fa­cial an­i­ma­tion stuff… ev­ery com­po­nent of the game, ba­si­cally, has been re­built.

The first game was story-driven and scripted – you fol­lowed a path. Will the world open up a lit­tle more in

Wolfen­stein II, or are you still ea­ger to tell a spe­cific story?

It’s a bit of both, and that’s al­ways what we as a de­vel­oper al­ways try to get bet­ter at. We want the story to support the game­play and the game­play to support the story, and we work a lot on co­or­di­nat­ing them both. Then the chal­lenge be­comes how to open it up while main­tain­ing that sort of sense that you’re on this ad­ven­ture.

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