Nazi Amer­ica Wolfen­stein 2: The New Colos­sus

XBox: The Official Magazine - - EXTRA -

There’s no doubt­ing that this is scari­est dystopia on Xbox, sim­ply be­cause it’s the eas­i­est to imag­ine: what if the Nazis won, and took over Amer­ica? Would it look ex­actly like Wolfen­stein2? Well, the an­swer to that is a non-com­mit­tal ‘maybe’. Whether Hitler had plans to un­leash ro­bot dogs that breathe fire or build a per­sonal head­quar­ters on the planet Venus is a mat­ter that’s up for his­tor­i­cal de­bate (al­ter­na­tively, ask your dad and see what he says), but this does make you won­der what that world would re­ally be like, at least for 30 en­tire sec­onds. By that point, you’ve al­ready lopped off some bas­tard’s leg with a hatchet, and vowed to sort the Nazi prob­lem out your­self with triple-bar­relled shot­guns and lu­di­crous one-lin­ers. If you’re go­ing to lib­er­ate an en­tire na­tion, at least do it with some good-look­ing ul­tra­vi­o­lence.

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