the things push­ing our but­ton (or not)

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Glitz and glam­our

Cup­head took the gong for ‘Best Xbox One game’ award at the Golden Joy­sticks, pre­sented by our very own beardy ed, Stephen Ashby! Fourth time lucky A new Valkyria game has been an­nounced for the se­ries and is due out in 2018 for all the strat­egy RPG fans out there. Geared up A glut of new games has been added to Games Pass in­clud­ing GearsOf

War4 so you can now play ev­ery sin­gle Gears game with the ser­vice. Safe haven?

Soma is fi­nally mak­ing it to Xbox One, yay… but with an added safe mode. Surely that de­feats the point of it be­ing a hor­ror game? What do you think?

Bad loot

StarWars isn’t the only game with loot box prob­lems, it’s been part of a dis­turb­ing trend that we don’t like one bit. Avatar de­lays Re­mem­ber those re­vamped avatars that are on the way for Xbox that were meant to come out this win­ter? Looks like they’ve slipped into next year, boo.

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