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Of all the things to do in Far Cry 5, we weren’t ex­pect­ing to have so much fun shop­ping. Right at the start of our re­cent playthroug­h we stum­bled across a garage, and boy are we glad we did. There it was, a non­cha­lant icon on our HUD, tempt­ing us to wan­der over and find out what riches lay within the menu. So we did.

Yes, there were bor­ing fam­ily sa­loons and the odd hatch­back – great if you want to be fuel ef­fi­cient – but we weren’t in­ter­ested in that non­sense. We went straight for the 4x4 with mounted gun.

Soon, we were cruis­ing around, ag­gro­ing en­e­mies just so we could leap into the back and un­leash hell on any cultist we came across. The gun­play in the fre­netic ac­tion mo­ments is just as good as you would ex­pect, and leap­ing off the mounted gun gave us a chance to try some other weapons. The bow – a se­ries sta­ple – is still the most sat­is­fy­ing tool to use, but there are dozens of oth­ers to choose from, each with their own unique stats. Choos­ing the right load­out for your next mis­sion is essen­tial, as you can only carry a few guns – do you re­ally need the shotgun for this one? Is the RPG a bet­ter choice? Ei­ther way, you’re bound to have a fun time.

“It’s no sur­prise that this is, by far, the best look­ing Far Cry ti­tle to date”

AI don’t know

So yes, the gun­play is good, but then again it al­ways is in Far Cry games. It’s the story, the world, and the emer­gent game­play op­por­tu­ni­ties that can take a game like this to the next level and make it a stand-out re­lease. The draw with any Far Cry ti­tle is that no two mis­sions are ex­actly alike, mostly be­cause a moun­tain lion might un­ex­pect­edly jump on you as you’re silently creep­ing up on a guard, then try to use your face as a chew toy.

That’s still the case here, al­though you’re un­likely to stum­ble across any moun­tain lions in ru­ral Mon­tana. Wolver­ines and bears, though? Oh yes. There are plenty of friendly NPCs around the world with mis­sions for you to take on, and all of your bud­dies look great thanks to some ex­cep­tional an­i­ma­tion – it’s no sur­prise that this is, by far, the best look­ing Far Cry ti­tle to date. You’ll en­counter hun­dreds of en­e­mies around the game world, too; you can’t even pop out to the shop for two min­utes with­out find­ing some­one you’ve re­ally pissed off.

Un­for­tu­nately most of th­ese cultist ar­se­holes don’t re­ally pose too much of a threat due to AI that isn’t re­ally that in­tel­li­gent. Break line of sight with a bad­die, duck into a nearby bush and en­e­mies will be left won­der­ing how you pulled off such a Hou­dini-like es­cape. Af­ter a few sec­onds they’ll give up the search, al­low­ing you to creep up on them and eas­ily take them down. Ar­moured en­e­mies, flamethrow­er-wield­ing dudes and VIPs pose a much big­ger threat, thank­fully, but they aren’t re­ally any smarter – just harder to kill. An­i­mals are the real dan­ger; they’ll be the cause of most of the “ohshi­tohshi­tohshit” mo­ments as you play, which makes hunt­ing a high­light once again.

This playthroug­h also gave us a chance to try the co-op mul­ti­player mode in more de­tail – and gee whizz is it fun. Join a pal in the game, bring along some of the AI bud­dies as well, and you’ve got your­self a wreck­ing crew that will have those damned cultists quak­ing in their pews. This mode has real po­ten­tial – it could be the thing that makes Far Cry 5 a must­play. We’ll know for sure when it launches on 27 March.

There are strange, drug-fu­elled mis­sions. We shot a moose, which be­came a bear, which mauled us

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