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The Gold hoard­ers

Founded by leg­endary trea­sure hunters, their goal is to amass great wealth, and it’s go­ing to be your job to pro­vide it for them. You’ll be re­warded for your hard work, of course, as they pos­sess var­i­ous skele­ton keys to un­lock any chest that you re­trieve.

The Mer­chant Al­liance

Th­ese pi­o­neer­ing pri­va­teers are here to con­trol the flow of trade and will have you nav­i­gat­ing the world col­lect­ing all man­ner of items, from gun­pow­der kegs to ex­otic an­i­mals, which you’ll not only have to catch, but care for as you make your re­turn.

The order of souls

Formed by con­jur­ers and seers who wish to con­trol the an­cient and mys­te­ri­ous magic in this pi­rate world. They’ve found a way to cap­ture the en­chanted magic from the skulls of for­mer pi­rates cap­tains and will send you on bounty mis­sions.

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