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We ask the de­vel­op­ment team how mul­ti­player will work in the Un­dead se­quel

Will other play­ers take con­trol of your sur­vivors in your game, or bring in their own char­ac­ters?

You only play as sur­vivors from your own com­mu­nity, whether you’re play­ing solo or with a friend. If you join a mul­ti­player game, you choose only one sur­vivor to bring over – not your whole com­mu­nity.

Will progress carry over to their games? And could your friend get your favourite sur­vivor killed for­ever?

Any­thing you gain in a mul­ti­player game car­ries over into your own game. When you’re scav­eng­ing through a house in a mul­ti­player game, you will find dif­fer­ent loot to your friend. You’re able to share or trade what you find if you wish, or save it to bring back to your base. Same with stand­ing – the sur­vivor you bring to a mul­ti­player game will gain stand­ing for the mis­sions you com­plete, and that car­ries over to sin­gle-player.

It’s a dan­ger­ous world and mak­ing good de­ci­sions in bad sit­u­a­tions is key. Any sur­vivor you bring to a friend’s game is a pos­si­ble risk be­cause you’re in­tro­duc­ing un­known el­e­ments – their playstyle can en­dan­ger your sur­vivor, too! But the in­ten­tion is that play­ers work to­gether to sur­vive. When you go raid­ing with your friends in mul­ti­player, you’re there to watch each other’s backs.

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