The Ko­jima legacy

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While Ko­jima him­self might not have any­thing to do with

Sur­vive, a ton of MGS veter­ans have cre­ated the game. Di­rec­tor Yota Tsut­sum­izaki has been with the se­ries since MGS3, as has pro­ducer Yuji Korekado. While pro­ducer No­ri­aki Oka­mura has worked with Ko­jima since Po­li­ce­nauts and Zone

Of The En­ders. Artists Mi­neshi Kimura and Ikuya Naka­mura were also part of the orig­i­nal MGS team on PS1. It might not have been touched by the hand of Koj him­self, but it’s been crafted by some peo­ple who have been close to the se­ries for many years.

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