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Di­vide and con­quer The Di­vi­sion 2 is com­ing. Ubisoft con­firmed a se­quel to the cover-based shooter/RPG is in de­vel­op­ment, but there’s no re­lease date yet…

Stream team You can now stream your Xbox games to a Mac us­ing an un­of­fi­cial app called OneCast. It works like Win­dows 10’s stream­ing sys­tem.

In the shad­ows Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is of­fi­cially con­firmed, com­ing to Xbox One in Septem­ber. Find out more next is­sue…

PC Mas­ter race PUBG is get­ting a 4x4km new map! But it’s com­ing to PC first… and we’re still wait­ing for Mi­ra­mar on Xbox. Come on!

Farmer Ger­alt? CDPR teased Ger­alt’s SCVI an­nounce­ment, lead­ing peo­ple to guess that he might be in Smash Bros, Mon­ster Hunter… and Farm­ing Sim­u­la­tor 19. We knew bet­ter.

Bye Steve! Edi­tor Steve is off later this month. The team sug­gested that this should be in the Play sec­tion rather than Eject, be­cause they are BIG MEANIES.

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