mast ers of an­ima

For some it’s worth sum­mon­ing an army and sav­ing the world to get mar­ried

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We all have bad days, but the pro­tag­o­nist of this charm­ing little fan­tasy ad­ven­ture is hav­ing a pretty ter­ri­ble one. Otto, an apprentice of An­ima, which is magic in the world of Spark, is on his way to pass his tri­als and be­come a fully-fledged Mas­ter of An­ima so that he may marry his fi­ancée, Ana. Alas, the palin­drome pair’s big day is put on hold be­cause, while Otto is un­der­tak­ing the tri­als, Ana gets cap­tured by the mys­te­ri­ous and seem­ingly evil Zahn. This nasty piece of work has dragged the world of Spark into chaos, stuffed Ana’s soul into var­i­ous shards and scat­tered them around the world. It’s now up to Otto to find these shards, save his beloved and save the world to have any hope of ty­ing the knot.

To do this you’ll be har­ness­ing the power of An­ima to con­trol your very own army of guardians. One sum­moned, these obe­di­ent mag­i­cal be­ings will aid you in a mul­ti­tude of ways. They’ll fight for you, help you solve puz­zles or sim­ply move ob­jects that block your path, so you’ll be re­ly­ing on them quite a lot.

Guardians ga­lore

There are five unique guardians to con­trol: Pro­tec­tors will fight us­ing an axe and shield and are your first line of de­fence; Sen­tinels are your long-range fight­ers that have little health but pack a punch; Keep­ers are re­source gen­er­a­tors and ab­sorb An­ima from en­e­mies, which you’ll use to call in more guardians; Sum­mon­ers, well, sum­mon tiny guardians of their own, called Mop­pets, that will fight on their be­half. The last and pos­si­bly the most in­ter­est­ing of guardians is the Com­man­der. These huge units boost the abil­i­ties of other guardians within range. This is where the com­bat gets tac­ti­cal as they take ad­van­tage of your spe­cial Bat­tle Cry abil­ity, which ral­lies nearby guardians and in­creases the power of their abil­i­ties. If you use Bat­tle Cry while the Com­man­ders are on the bat­tle­field it will trig­ger the same ef­fect in them. So if you have a group of sen­tinels fight­ing on your right and a group of Pro­tec­tors on the left, with one com­man­der in each group, ac­ti­vat­ing Bat­tle Cry will power up both of those groups.

Not only will you be un­cov­er­ing dif­fer­ent tac­tics to take down your en­e­mies, you’ll be ex­plor­ing this trou­bled land to dis­cover more about the world and the peo­ple you meet, while at the same time try­ing to dis­cern the mo­ti­va­tions be­hind Zahn’s ac­tions. Not all is as it seems, and we’re sure there will be some sur­prises along the way.

We’re look­ing for­ward to see­ing more of Masters Of An­ima when it’s re­leased, but for now we can stare at the charm­ing stylis­tic art that drew us in from the start.

“The last and pos­si­bly most in­ter­est­ing of the guardians is the Com­man­der”

Above right Tap the A but­ton to send in­di­vid­ual units, or hold the but­ton down to send the lot.

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