Pre­pare to get ‘Rekt’ in this high-oc­tane moun­tain bik­ing rush

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Fancy belt­ing it down dirt tracks on a moun­tain bike through dense forests and down steep slopes, and at such dizzy­ing speeds that you’re prob­a­bly at risk of reac­quaint­ing your­self with your break­fast? Well, de­vel­oper RageSquid has just the thing.

Descen­ders is about mas­ter­ing your bike skills on pro­ce­du­rally gen­er­ated tracks. Ev­ery new race will be a track that you’ve never seen be­fore, and never will again. This is what makes this ex­treme down­hill moun­tain bik­ing game con­tin­u­ously ex­cit­ing to play. Your first few runs will sur­prise you at how fast the game plays but it won’t take you long to pick up some ba­sic skills and be­fore you know it you’ll be pulling off dou­ble back­flips and 720-spins in your sleep.

You’ll quickly get scouted from one of the three in-game rac­ing teams. Team En­emy are all about tricks and stunts, Team Ar­bo­real pre­fer off-road tracks where you can show off your tech­nique and skill, and Team Ki­netic are the speed fa­nat­ics who en­joy the steep cour­ses. Once you’ve cho­sen a team that best suits your style you’ll start to earn a rep­u­ta­tion from ev­ery race you com­plete and ev­ery trick you land, and be re­warded with new gear and van­ity items. As an added bonus, if your team is at the top of the leader­board at the end of the month, every­one will gain ex­clu­sive re­wards. But it is pos­si­ble for your rep­u­ta­tion to go down. Ev­ery time you bail you’ll lose one per cent of your rep, which doesn’t sound like much but means a lot when you have rep­u­ta­tion points go­ing into the hun­dreds of thou­sands.

Speed de­mon

Af­ter you com­plete the first race, you can choose from a se­lec­tion of game types with vary­ing lev­els of steep­ness, curves and stunts. Our par­tic­u­lar favourites are the steep tracks that have stunt op­por­tu­ni­ties pep­pered along the route. The adren­a­line re­ally starts to pump when you’re bolt­ing it down to­wards a ramp and have to brace for the land­ing.

These track choices branch out but start to bot­tle­neck un­til you reach the fifth race, which is the ‘Boss Jump’. If you suc­cess­fully com­plete this jump you’ll be able to play in a new area, but in­ter­est­ingly this doesn’t un­lock the area for you to play when you re­turn to the game. To do that you’ll need to com­plete the Boss Jump three times in to­tal. With­out the pro­ce­du­rally gen­er­ated cour­ses this would seem te­dious but they of­fer enough va­ri­ety that you’ll be happy to do it.

With chal­lenges, equip­ment and gear to un­lock, and un­lim­ited tracks for you to hur­tle down at break­neck speeds (lit­er­ally, be­cause some­thing is go­ing to snap if you hit a tree at 50mph) there’s much to be ex­cited about with Descen­ders.

“Ev­ery trick you land will be re­warded with new gear and van­ity items”

Be­low Jump on your bike and be a men­ace to for­est fo­liage ev­ery­where.

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