bar­rel watch

Gam­ing’s favourite prop rated by our res­i­dent cooper

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TESO: Summerset Truly there is no bet­ter ac­com­pa­ni­ment to curved, aged oak than the smell of the sea at a har­bour. I could sniff in that essence all evening. As­sas­sin’s Creed Rogue How dare he! I can’t be­lieve that man with the aw­ful hat is lean­ing his pos­te­rior on those poor ba­bies. If I ever meet him I’ll crush him un­der my own. Shad­ows: Awak­en­ing Where’s the ta­per­ing? They’ve tried but clearly not thought it through – the lack of curve will be a dis­as­ter when try­ing to turn while rolling. Pil­lars Of Eter­nity II: Dead­fire Why have these poor souls been left this way? Left to roll away on their sides, no stack­ing… If this were cooper col­lege they’d be ex­pelled by now. Moon­lighter An idyl­lic scene as a clutch of bar­rels stand guard out­side their master’s home­stead. Truly they are no­ble, loyal crea­tures de­spite their splin­tery fur.

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