The game en­gines of yes­ter­year that are no longer with us

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SCUMM (1987) Lu­casArts The orig­i­nal ‘Script Cre­ation Util­ity for Ma­niac Man­sion’ was de­vel­oped by the leg­endary Ron Gil­bert. Be­sides be­ing used to cre­ate Ma­niac Man­sion it was also used to make The Se­cret Of Mon­key Is­land. XnGine (1990) Bethesda Soft­works The first game to use this en­gine was The Ter­mi­na­tor: Fu­ture Shock but maybe more mem­o­rable was TESII: Dag­ger­fall. TESIII: Mor­rowind was also sup­posed to use this en­gine but an­other was used in­stead. Freescape (1987) In­cen­tive Soft­ware The hugely pop­u­lar Driller was the first to use the Freescape en­gine, which it­self was one of the first 3D en­gines. Like most of the older game en­gines of the time Freescape had a fairly short life­span. Ad­ven­ture Game In­ter­preter (1984) Sierra On-Line AGI was cre­ated solely for the golden age clas­sic King’s Quest, but went on to be used in 14 other games. It had good run­nings but was even­tu­ally re­placed with Sierra’s Cre­ative In­ter­preter. Jedi (1995) Lu­casArts This was used to cre­ate two games, Star Wars: Dark Forces and Out­laws. It could be mis­taken for the id Tech en­gine, which was used for Doom, but it just used sim­i­lar tech­niques to em­u­late 3D en­vi­ron­ments.

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